It has always been my intention to help Everyday Athletes harness their full potential. 

The word “athlete” usually conjures an image of the 1%, either the professional sportsperson or Hollywood’s perfectly chiseled celebrity. What about the other 99%? 

Using the same measures that elite athletes do, my dream has been to help guide and coach the Everyday Athlete into a healthy, sustainable and realistic state of fitness ready for whatever the game of life throws at them.

By delving into what it takes to be mentally strong as well as nutritionally sound, the focus has always been less about counting calories and more about living to 100.

Over the last decade, the general population’s hunger for knowledge about fitness and wellness has skyrocketed, and increasingly people want to know what the coaches, personal trainers, and nutrition experts know. That is why it’s their voices, points of view and expertise we feature and will continue to feature.

At Strength Matters, we believe that the Level 1 Kettlebell certification has run its course and no longer matches the high expectations and demands required to train or become an Everyday Athlete.

Our core values remain the same. However, our training principles have evolved and being tied into a single tool is no longer the focus of Strength Matters.

The Everyday Athlete Certification Series will help to develop the next generation of Strength Matters Certified Professionals.

We look forward to welcoming you on this journey.

For more information about the future direction of Strength Matters, I recommend reading this article

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